Charlie Hebdo

We’re all in shock. The Charlie Hebdo murders. There are just no words. We’re running out of words. We’re running out of words and emotions to react to the horrors being perpetrated by the global Islamist movement. They’re making us numb. They kill, they main, they rape, they take women as sex slaves, they cut off pieces of their victims bodies, they remove women’s breasts, they gauge out eyes, they give beautiful little girls to grown men for a life of abuse and rape and they call it marriage, they murder children learning how to read and write. They perceive a picture on a wall as obscene but beheading living, breathing, weeping, begging men as moral and just. They are human monsters. There is nothing, nothing, they will not do to inflict pain and suffering on those who stand in their way, they have been doing this for many years, and they show no sign whatsoever of stopping.

What’s the point of this post? I don’t know. Anger? Rage? A scream into the ether? How much more of this can we take in our poor brutalised world. And what can we do? How can we respond? Try not to offend Islamic fundamentalists? They are deeply sensitive for barbarians. Don’t disturb the sleeping psychopath in the corner, best just to walk around whispering, or better still walk around in silence. That way his he won’t slit your throat or blow your head off with a rocket launcher.

By the way, the Islamic State is currently attempting to carry out a genocide in the Kurdish regions of Iraq and Syria. Sadly the Kurds can’t just tip-toe away silently because their sleeping psychopath is awake and him and all his friends have been slaughtering and displacing the Kurdish people for months. They have to fight, which they are, heroically. While we bury our heads in the sand and pretend that it’s got nothing to do with us, it’s not our fight, what with being really very far away and so on.