‘Revolution is unfinished’ – Next steps

Thank you to everyone who got in touch following the blog post I wrote two weeks ago, the Revolution is Unfinished. The post asked whether people would like to get involved in a project that hopes to make a contribution to the intellectual revival needed if the centre-Left is to return to power. There were responses from all over the country, from Labour people at every level of the party, and lots from people who are not in the Labour Party but wish to see a Left leaning government again in their lifetimes. John Rentoul was kind enough to mention it in the Independent Online here.

Your political interests and experiences?

Before being able to launch in the next couple of months, we would be grateful for more information from those who are interested in being involved. Would you mind filling in this form to let us know what your political interests/experiences are and what involvement you might like to have? Thank you.

Please forward and share this post with anyone you think might be interested in being involved/added to the mailing list. The more the merrier. 

The progressive Left’s revolution may be unfinished, but it doesn’t have to be over.