The line it is drawn, The curse it is cast

Thank you Hilary Benn MP. The Labour Party is decaying on the inside and being deserted on the outside. The Labour Party has to be saved, before it is gone forever.

Decaying on the inside – I woke this morning to the news of Hilary Benn being sacked, and half the Shadow Cabinet about to follow him out the door. I checked my CLP’s secret Labour Party page to see the reaction of the membership, and was greeted with a discussion from last night in which self-proclaimed Left-wingers wished Hilary Benn dead, then wished Tony Blair dead, and then they all just carried on chatting as though this was anything other than grotesque, and appalling, and shameful. These people have no place – no place – in the Labour Party, and I am disgusted that they carry a membership card.

Member A – “I hope that he [Hilary Benn] is ashamed and not just because he has been found out. If he has any decency he will join his dad forthwith.”

Member B – “Does wishing Tony Blair dead count as a faux pa? Even where they are a genocidal maniac? Ok, wishing dead is a bit harsh – but how about not minding if the stupid git snuffed it tomorrow? Or if we shot him into space so I could rest safe in the knowledge we didn’t share the same air? Would they be just as bad?

One person called them out for it, others joked along, others commented on the post as though it was just an anodyne chat about politics, most said nothing (and I am sure most of these were as disgusted as I was). Many are now scared to speak out against the Hard Left. They are scared to be accused of not supporting Jeremy, they are scared of being accused of being ‘Tory scum’ and ‘Blairite scum’ for stepping outside the lines. They are scared of being ostracized and scared of being targeted by people who appear to be driven by such appalling hatred. They are scared, genuinely, and is it any surprise, with comments like this?

 We need a Night of the Long Knives. From now on any who give further ammunition to the parties’ enemies should be disciplined.

I asked our CLP Secretary to seek their expulsion from the Labour party and was advised that “it is not the role of the Secretary to make reports, its the role of the Secretary to receive reports. Please email your compliant… and it will be processed.” Outrage? Anger? They wished people dead, yet…”your complaint will be processed.” Just as the EU Referendum debate has allowed the country to slime down a slippery slope into legitimizing within our national discourse slogans such as”get the immigrants out!”, the Corbyn era has legitimized within Labour a truly disgusting Hard Left totalitarian discourse where reveling in the imagined death of fellow Labour members is just par for the course. How shameful. How appalling. How dare they.

Deserted on the Outside –I don’t deny that there are a lot of good, nice people who joined the Labour Party after Jeremy Corbyn was elected Leader, including many of my friends. I don’t doubt their genuine desire for goodness to prevail. I know that many of them are horrified by the Hard Left’s inhumanity now they have seen it up close. Some (though fewer and fewer) are still asking for Labour members to unite around Jeremy, and I know they are earnest and well meaning. But the Labour Party is being utterly destroyed within (see above), and consequently, also from without.

Polls today say that just under a third of people who voted Labour in 2015 have said they would not do so now. There is no way it will survive if Jeremy leads us into the next election. Boris Johnson will be the Prime Minister. Boris Johnson, Prime Minister, with Nigel Farage standing at his right side whipping up all the hate, all the fear, and the prejudice that they have used so successfully to achieve #Brexit. These men just broke Europe. This is a nightmare, their government would be heartbreaking for our country, and we have to throw everything in our democratic armory to stop it.

The Jeremy era has to come to an end. If Labour can get a strong Leader now, we might just – just – be able to stop the election of a profoundly right-wing, narrow minded government, which throws up the borders and throws out our neighbours and our friends. The election is very likely to happen before the end of the year. If we carry on as we are, there is no chance whatsoever that Labour will win and whatever decency there is left in our country will be utterly shattered over the next decade.  We are living through seismic historical events – this is happening, it is happening now and we have a moral responsibility to act. Jeremy should do the decent thing and resign, but if he won’t Labour MPs are doing the right thing to challenge him now.

Please email your Labour MPs to let them know you support them in challenging Jeremy Corbyn as Leader of the Labour Party.