Today, I resigned from the Labour Party

Today I resigned from the Labour Party. The Party I have been a member of for the best part of 20 years no longer exists, and I can’t in any good conscience pretend to support the one it has become. This is sad for me personally, the Labour Party has been part of my life since I was child, and I have supported it, campaigned for it, stood for it, and even loved it, for most of my life. In recent years and months, I have done my best to help in the battle for Labour’s soul, but my Labour Party has now gone, and I have reached the end of the road.

The controversy over regeneration in Haringey is a perfect example of the conflict at the heart of the Labour Party. Those who believe in picking up any tool you can find to make people’s lives better now, and those who believe it’s the statist nature of the tools that matters. In their campaigns against the regeneration of some of the most deprived parts of the borough, those who now dominate Labour revealed an unforgivable willingness to exploit. They fought, (and have probably won), to keep people in positions of deprivation. Why? To manufacture anger and hatred as fuel for their desired class war. I have nothing – nothing – but contempt for these politics, which only achieve keeping the downtrodden, downtrodden. These politics are immoral, are destructive, cause great harm to the poorest, and great harm to society, and they now dominate the Labour party. 

In recent weeks, Labour could not make a simple statement in support of those protesting for freedom in Iran. It couldn’t give a straightforward condemnation of a regime that stones people to death for adultery, publicly hangs gay people, and forces women by threat of criminal punishment to wear headscarves in public. The hard left’s virulent anti-Americanism renders it ‘just not that simple’. No, with the influence and influx of ‘Stop The War’ ideologies, Labour has been dragged so deeply down the rabbit hole of anti-imperialist theories that they cannot condemn dictatorial, theocratic, repressive Iran in case it somehow strengthens, or implies support for, democratic, secular and free America. My Labour would see America is a necessary bulwark against Iran, yet the Labour we have sees Iran as a necessary bulwark against America. I cannot in all good conscience tell a single person to vote for that.  

Then there is the moral deterioration within the organisation itself. I have seen members who have given entire lifetimes to the Labour Party, not just ignored or thrown by the wayside, but deliberately targeted with malicious complaints and oppressive disciplinary action for standing up to the hard left who now run Labour. I have seen people in their 60s, 70s and 80s, who were manning barricades in Labour rosettes long before their accusers were even born, being subjected to politically motivated complaints and campaigns by hard left activists who just a few years before, were damning Labour to hell. And I have seen the Labour Party as an institution, now so structurally suffused with the hard left at every possible level, being unable to find the strength to protect these members from these attacks. I am someone who speaks out, I believe in debate, I believe in saying what you think, and right now I don’t think the Labour Party is safe for those who do that. 

So, after almost 20 years as a member, I have today resigned my membership of the Labour Party. I make no judgments against those who are staying, everyone has to tread their own path here. But the Labour Party I supported is gone, and as hard as it is to do, it’s time for me to let go.